Holiday lights are beautiful this time of year.

Before you string your lights be sure to check out the following safety tips:

  1. Checking the Lights: Replace any missing or burnt out bulbs. Check for frayed wires and throw them out if you find anything exposed.
  2. “UL” Stamps: We have all seen the little tags on the Christmas lights, but what do they really mean?? A “Red” UL means you can use the lights indoors or out and a “Green” UL means they are indoor use only.
  3. Ladder Safety: If you are climbing to hang your lights be sure your ladder is level and secure.
  4. Extension Cords: If you are hanging lights outside and must use an extension cord be sure it is approved for outdoor use. Keep cords out of the walkways and secure them with heavy tape to avoid a tripping hazard.
  5. Timers: If you can put your outdoor/indoor lights on timers, it will save on your electric bill.