Working smoke alarms, home fire escape planning, and drills are essential parts of fire safety.

Smoke Alarms:

  • Smoke alarms alert people to a fire in the early stages
  • Smoke alarms should be installed in every sleeping room, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of the home, including the basement
  • Test smoke alarms at least one a month.


  • Have a map of each floor of your home, showing all windows and doors
  • Make sure you have a buddy system to help children and older adults get out of the house
  • Teach children how to get out if you are not there to help them
  • Establish a meeting place outside and away from the home for everyone to meet
  • Have a plan in place for calling 9-1-1


  • Practice by pushing the smoke alarm button to start the drill
  • Practice what to do in case there is a lot of smoke: Get low and go. Get out as fast as you can
  • Practice using multiple ways to exit your home
  • Actually run through the drill as if it were real and meet in your designated place